" "Private Chef - Martin Abramzon""


I cook in private homes and villas in Ronda, Marbella and Soto Grande. Preparing menus according to my clients' desires, I use in season ingredients and products of the highest quality.

Once the menu, date and time has been set, I arrive with all the necessary products and cooking equipment to prepare the meal. When the service is over, the kitchen will be left spotless as if nothing had happened.

I have been working as a chef for 16 years, passing from one type of restaurant to another, training in this profession which I love, cooking 365 days a year, and with the same desire to learn and improve my cooking.

4 years ago I decided that my future lay in private, exclusive dinners, which allow me to work closer with my clients, and give more direct satisfaction, as the idea is to take a small restaurant to the dining room of a private home, in which the client enjoys the meal as much as they would in the best restaurant around..

Usual houses where I cook

 +34 638 28 02 36